NATA 2018 -30 Days Online Live classes Only

NATA 2013 Online Coaching classes for 30 Days
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NATA 2018 -30 Days Online Live classes Only

New Batches are starting from: "1/3/5/7/9/11/13/15/17/19/21/23/25/27/29 th of every month".Preparation Time Recommended 30 days only with This package, and Course is valid till 2018 Exam Attempt )

Classroom Features :Our online Live classes courses offer a quality learning experience, convenience, and flexibility and are delivered through our online Live classes system. Using this supportive, student-friendly Online Live classes environment.

1) Interact with Highly expertise Teachers and classmates at a Class Running time
2) After completion of Live classes, You can Download and view Recording of classes at any time that are convenient for you.
3) Covers Full NATA syllabus
4) Special session for Doubt clearing with personel attention.
5) You don't need to Navigate from Your Home for Learning. Attend classes from Your home and save Traveling time.

**Student can attend classes as per their comfortable dates


class time between 6:30am to 11:00 PM IST

Class Duration- 90 Minutes Daily
Also Includes:  Automatically Live recordings of All classes in to student account for revision of topics

2) A HeadPhone

Day 1 to Day 10 (level 1-Beginers teaching)
Day 11 to day 30 (Level 2-Advanceteaching for skill developement)

Introducing the Pencil Number line + stationary Access
Colour concept + Colour Theory
Colour Palate + Character of warm,cool,fresh,meditative........colours,
Visualizing different sides of 3 D objects and learning with the DOS Theory

Architectural Awareness, architectural terminology
Generation of plan, elevations and 3D views of objects
Object Practice in class and Home Assignment

Identifying common materials & objects based on their textural qualities & colour
Material Samples and photo gallery
Development of 3 D objects from 2D shapes Or vice versa,
Object Practice in class and Home Assignment

Historical and contemporary buildings of Architectural importance,
Architects and their Works with Image Bank
Exam Pattern Discussion + Preparation Plan

Elements of Design: Lines, Form, Mass, Solid etc,
Principle of Design, Harmony, Balance, etc

Creating 2D and 3D compositions using given shapes & forms,
NATA :Discussion on 10 papers of Previous Years
Practice Problems and techniques for Analytical reasoning + mental Ability
sketching of 2D object, 3D Objects ,
sketching of animals, flowers, furniture’s , rooms + spaces, themes,
Learning to provide more than 25textures in pencil/colour pencils

1 min perspective making,3-5 min fast BIRD’S/ANT’S/HUMAN eye view making
shade + shadow techniques of sketch ,proportions in drawing,
Rendering & Beautifying your sketch,Advanced theme based and scenic drawings
Sketch Practice in class and Home Assignment

Language Skills with Practice Sets
Vocabulary Store with Practice Sets
Important Formula Sheets for Maths

Colour themes for various spaces like bedroom,kitchen,
kids room,meditation room,offices...........,
Design-drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in Pencil/Ink,
More than 800 architects & bldgs
More  than 800 identification of bldgs
Feedback & Guidance on Submitted Assignments

Day 11 to day 30
The entire syllabus of day 1 to 10 is detailed at level 2.
Tests and Fast Paper solving tricks by teachers.
Discussion with Exam point of view for solved questions
Feedbacks and evaluation over all tasks and assignments

Important: All students have to furnish their NATA 2018 Candidate ID for activation of last 2 classes.

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