JEE B.Arch. 2018 and NATA 2018 B.Arch 03 Month Coaching with B.Arch Study Material

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JEE B.Arch. 2018 and NATA 2018 B.Arch 03 Month Coaching with B.Arch Study Material:

12 Printed Booklets Tutorials + Question bank of 2500 questions with answers + 3 month classes + 15 Online mocktests + 05 Year previous papers 

Correspondence Tutorials in Printed Format consist of complete NATA/JEE B.Arch. 2018/CEPT syllabus in the form of booklets with theory, Tabulated datas,  Tips and Techniques,  solved examples, model tests, formulae and questions in various levels of difficulty in all the topics of the syllabus. The material is designed in such that way that it will Help to Get accurate and efficient preparation for NATA/JEE B.Arch./CEPT 2018 Exam.

Tutorials Highlight and features covering entire syllabus of NATA/AIEEE B.Arch./CEPT/B.Arch. Exam:

         1. 12 Booklets of entire Study Material (detail below in modules)– Printed Books ( Step BY Step Tutorials )

         2. Question bank of 2500 questions with answers

         3.  20 Sectional Tests – Book

         4. 3 months Online Live classes

         5. 15 Online mocktests

         6. 05 Year previous papers 

         7. All India Test Series, Comparative Test analysis

         8. GURUMANTRA Module

Course Features :

12 Booklets of Study Material – Books: Study Material covers Entire Syllabus of the NATA/JEE B.Arch./CEPT Exam. It Consists Theories, tabulated datas, tips and techniues, images, problems,  Question Bank , Previous year GATE questions and Answers . 20 sectionals Tests are available in the Tutorial material with Answers.

GuruMantra Module- Book : It is very difficult to revise the whole NATA/JEE B.Arch./CEPT Exam syllabus is a short span of time, especially during last day of preparation. This book is collection of important points and formulas related to NATA/JEE B.Arch./CEPT Exam Syllabus.

15 Online Mocktests – Online :  Candidates will provides User ID and password for Attempting and Accesing the Test from Their Home. after completion of test candidate can view the results and answers. its good for Online practise sessions.

3 month Online classes – Online Live classes conducting via india's best and expertise faculty for completion of whole syllaabus in very short span. its very effective for last minutes revision and doubt clearing.

Details of 3 months course content.


The drawing aptitude is judged on the following aspects –
• Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in visually appealing manner.
• Visualising and drawing the effects of light on the object and shadows cast on surroundings.
• Sense of perspective drawing.
• Creating interesting two dimensional composition using given shapes and forms.
• Creating visual harmony using colours in given composition
1)  Fundamentals of Sketching and drawings -
2) Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in visually appealing manner
3) Basic Geometric Shapes and 2D-Compositions
4) Basic Geometric Shapes and 3D-Compositions
5) GRID Sketching techniques
6) Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day  experiences.
7) Combining and composing given three dimensional elements to form a building or structural form
8) Understanding of scale and proportions.
9) Assignments for Sketching and Drawings for NATA B.Arch. Preparation
10) Previous year Assignments access of Toppers
  • What is Perspective Drawings and sketching, Technicle Aspect of Perpective from Examination point of View
  • Basic Perspective Techniques
  • Advance Perspective Techniques
  • Line Practise and Grid development
  • Types of Perpective drawings and application for Sketching. Difference between perspective drawings and Reality, Imagination and perception development for Perspective drawing, Line, Points, Vanishing points, station points, planes  and angle of vision Tutorials for Dominant perspective development in Examination. One point perspective, Two point perspective, and multipoint perspective Developents, Isometrics drawings and developments.
  • Learn step by step Perspective development exercises from scratch i.e. A Mela ground perspective drawing development, A Circus sketch development etc.
  • Basics of shades and shadow.
  • Shade and shadow techniques for Objects
  • Best Tools for shade and shadow assuming Light source
  • Examples of shade and shadow from examination point of view
MODULE-4:Development of Colour Sence and Colour Concepts:
Its Very Important in NATA/JEE B.Arch./CEPT Exam / B.Arch. aptitude Test. This Booklet volume contents following Things
Introduction of Colors and Colour wheel, Importantcy of colours in Buildings, Colouring Aspects and Applications, different typs of colours / patterns and applications for Defining character of buildings, Color sence and Moods, The psychology of colors and Color application Techniques in Examination for Getting Good marks and
MODULE -5  AESTHETIC SENSITIVITY & Architecture Awareness
1.    Visualising three dimensional objects from two dimensional drawings.
·         Two dimensional graphics
·         Cabinet Projections
·         Isometric Projection
·         Axonometric Projection
2.    Visualising different sides of three dimensional objects.(DOS)
3.    Indentifying commonly used materials and objects based on their textural qualities.
4.    Analytical reasoning.
5.    Mental Ability.
6.    Imaginative comprehension and expression.
7.    Architectural awareness Basics, also including
  • Architecture awareness
  • Historical and contemporary buildings
  • important image bank,important architects & their works,important architects & their buildings
  • materials and objects based on their colors and textural qualities, famous architects and their buildings
2-Dimentional and 3-Dimentional Objects and Drawing Development and Aptitude
Development of surfaces and Object folding techniques, folded Objects and figures, Mirror Image drawings basics and Development, Drawings and development of 3-Dimentional objects from 2-Dimentinal drawings, Drawings and development of 2-Dimentional objects from 3-Dimentinal Views,  distance and direction, Number series,analogy,classification and pattern, chart logic,cubes and cubical dice
General English and comprehension from Exam Point of View
Important: All students have to furnish their NATA 2017 Candidate ID for activation of last 7 classes and module 7
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