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NATA Study Material, Coaching Classes and NATA Sample Papers:

NATIONAL APTITUDE TEST IN ARCHITECTURE(NATA) is Mandatory Option for Taking admission in to B.Arch. Degree Course in Best Architecture colleges in India. Any Student who had Maths Subject in Their 12th class Can attempt NATA Entrance Exam and Judge Their Creativity and Sketching /Drawing Skills.

ICR Education Services “Leaders in NATA Coaching Classes” Provides Highly Skilled NATA Training as Per Latest Trends in NATA Exam. We Provides  NATA Physical Coaching at Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Surat, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Vadodara, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata. ICR Education services also Provides Online Live Interactive Virtual classes for NATA /CEPT/JEE B.Arch. exam preparation. CALL 09302127874 OR 09016166956 For details Regards NATA Entrance coaching

Our NATA  study material and Coaching Classes Covers Following NATA Syllabus as Per Latest Trends in NATA Exam:

Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil,
Architectural Awareness,
architectural terminology,
Identifying commonly used materials and objects based on their textural qualities and colour.
Historical and contemporary buildings of Architectural importance,
Architects and their Works,
Awareness of persons, places, buildings etc. of Architectural importance,
Aesthetic, Sensitivity and Drawing Skills,
Analytical reasoning Mental ability,
Elements of Design: Lines, Form, Mass, Solid etc,
Generation of plan, elevations and 3D views of objects.
Creating two dimensional and three dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms,
Development of 3 Dimensional objects from two-dimensional shapes Or vice versa,
Visualizing different sides of Three Dimensional objects,
theory of colors,
Principle of Design, Harmony, Balance, etc.


Scale and proportion,
Freehand sketching of objects and Activities commonly seen in the rural or urban/suburban context such as Furniture, Machine, landscape, Buildings, kitchens, Playground, Markets, Railway Platform, Bus Stop, Exhibitions etc, Enlargement & Reduction of Drawings, Mirror image etc.

Exclusive NATA Training For Drawing and Sketching Paper:

Finding the leading NATA Coaching institutes providing architecture training services in India is no longer tough. The students can get the excellent marks to make a good aggregate in NATA test.

This will help to find a seat in prominent Architecture colleges in India. ICR’s NATA training centre in Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Surat, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Vadodara, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata is very famous for the drawing skill improvement and teaching For NATA Test Preparation along with Latest updates in NATA Study Material. You can easily learn how to improve the drawing skills required for the best architectural planning. In most of the modern architecture plans the town planning and society development is considered a main part of drawing skill. The students must find the short ways to get enough drawing skills for the NATA test preparation. Our NATA training centres also provides these services to students and Our NATA Study material covers entire syllabus of NATA architecture Exam.